Friday, May 15, 2009

Magical Lady Tutorial by Jeannie

Magical Lady Tutorial by Jeannie

This tutorial was created using PSP 2X.

Thank you to Scraps by Roo for allowing me to create this tutorial using her Magical Gambit Scrap Kit which you can find Here.
I am using a tube from Dominic Marco which can be purchased from CILM.

1 tube
Magical Gambit
Animation Shop
Sparkle can be downloaded here sparklesparkle.PspTube

Step 1
Choose a frame from the scrap kit. Open duplicate and close the original. Add drop shadow using these settings: vertical 2, horizontal 3, opacity 65, blur 5, and color black.
Open your tube copy and paste as a new layer on to the frame image. Add Drop Shadow with the following settings: V 3, H 4, Opacity 65, Blur 10

Step 2
Open Magician’s Gambit Element 09 the rings. Copy and close then paste as new layer on to the frame image. Arrange send to bottom. Add drop shadow to rings using the following settings: 3, 4, 65, 4.

Step 3
Open and copy any elements (resize elements if needed) you would like to add to your image. Add Drop Shadow using the same settings as step 2. Add any text at this time. Merge Visible, crop, and resize and sharpen once.

Step 4
Adding Sparkle. Duplicate twice for a total of three layers. Close eye on top two layers and click on the Picture tube tool and tap out some sparkles in size 30. Not too many but few. Close eye on this layer. Click on middle layer and open the eye. Repeat the sparkles but be sure to put the sparkles in different spots on this layer not the same as the bottom layer. Repeat these steps for layer 1.

Step 5
This step is the same as above but changes the sparkle size to 20. Repeat for all three layers

Step 6
Repeat step 4 but change the sparkle to size 10.

Step 7
Add your watermark and any licensed numbers that may be required.

Step 8
Open Animation Shop
Copy layer 1 and paste as new animation in AS, copy layer 2 and paste after current, copy layer 3 and paste after current. Save as .gif

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. My thanks to Roo for letting me use such a wonderful scrap kit of hers.


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Nice Job Sweetie :)